Testament – First Avenue – MInneapolis MN – May 3rd 2017

93x and First Avenue present Testament, Sepultura and Prong.

I was introduced to Prong in 1991 with the Unonditional album and loved them ever since. Was really glad to see them back at First Avenue. They were one of my first assignments back on that tour in 92. They mix metal and a slight industrial sound to make a wicked band. In support of X(No Absolutes)their latest release with Zero Days coming out this year. Hopefully we will get a tour later in the year also,.

They had a short but energetic set pulling out Beg to Differ from the old school UNconditional, Snap Your FIngers, and Whose Fist. Victor always plays and has the crowd going like there is 50,000 people in the room. I love these guys always a good time.

I have never been that much into Sepultura. I like heavy but these guys do take it to another level. I have listened to them over the years and did recognize a few songs.  They have had a few line up changes but everyone still loves Sepultura. A bunch of people said they were just there to see them.

The crowd was definitely there to support them along with Prong and Testmamant.Pulling 5 songs off Machine Messiah their latest release that came out in January.  They did the classics Ratanahatta РChoke РDesperate City РInner Self РRefuse Resist and Roots Bloody Roots. I am gonna have to pull out the old ones and give the new one a listen.

Last up was the mighty Testament. They have laws been in my top thrash bands of all time.When they came out with the big 4 shows I was thinking the big 8. Make it an all day festival. I mean how can you not include Testament, Exodus, Overkill and Nuclear Assault. can you imagine that show!!

Testament just rips every show. Their latest Brotherhood of the Snake combines some of the past, present and what is to be the future and creates a new trash album for all of us. Some of the reports I read that the album was hard to make but man they made a good one. With riff that remind me of the old days and heavy stuff to satisfy the biggest metal head.

Alex and Eric are still so good live. They play off each other smoothly through the evening just ripping up the guitar riffs. Chuck still just air guitars all night but now is tuning his air guitar and throwing out picks. One bounced off my head and landed at my feet. I usually give them to the fans in the front but had to keep this one. Sorry pit guys. They did a bunch of classics tonight – Low – Into the Pit – SOuls of Black – New Order- Over the Wall – Practice What you Preach and more. Of course they did a whole bunch off Brotherhood.

A most excellent evening for a metal show. The live up was perfect.

Check out their web pages for more tour dates, news and info.