Tesla – Mystic Showroom – Prior Lake MN – January 27th 2024

Mystic Lake Casino presents Tesla Let’s Get real Tour

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

I was first turned on to Tesla by MTV and the ModernDay cowboy video. I was not sold right away but the sound was different which intrigued me. When the Mechanical Resonance album came out I got it right away. I was blown away how good it was. They then toured with Def Leppard for their Hysteria tour and I got all 3 shows at The Met Center in the summer of 88. I have had loved them ever since. After years of coming to Minnesota playing almost all venues around town tonight is an intimate setting in the Mystic Showroom.

The Mystic Showroom is an amazing place to see a show from the sound to every seat in the house being a good one. There was no opener tonight so if you go to a show at Mystic make sure to check to see if there is an opening band. You don;t want to miss anything. Tesla opened up with Lady Luck. Maybe a throw out to the casino? Their break through hit Modern Day Cowboy was next. The band was already sounding incredible. Jeff voice was top notch all night. Hitting all the notes and working the crowd like a master. Hang Tough was up next and showcased great guitar solos from Frank Hannon and Dave Rude. I was talking with my buddy and we agreed Frank is one of the most underrated guitar player out there. Dave has been with the band since 2006 and fits right in. The dueling guitars are still one of my favorite in hard rock bands from Maiden and Priest and Tesla!!! Time To Rock from their latest release Full Throttle Live was next. They recorded this one in Sturges last year. The rest of the evening was just hit after hit. They even covered two songs from the Five Man Acoustical Jam album. That record holds a place in my heart as one of the greatest acoustic records. The one thing I would like them to do is pull some songs off Bust A Nut album. I think Solution would fit perfect in any set list.

Tesla gave it their all tonight and put on an amazing show for all. I have not heard one bad thing about tonights show. Do not miss them if they are in your town. Click HERE for all things TESLA!

Setlist – Lady Luck – Modern Day Cowboy – Hang Tough – Time To Rock – Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out) – Miles Away – Changes – Paradise – Gettin’ Better – Love Me – Call It What You Want – What You Give – Edison’s Medicine (man Out Of Time) – Love Song – Little Suzi – Signs