Tegan and Sara – First Avenue

Written by Tracy Hansen.  Photography by Kyle Hansen.

First Avenue Presents Tegan and Sara.

Tegan and Sara pull off a concert at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota that leaves all their fans eagerly wanting more.

The adorable Canadian duo of twin sisters play shows like it is effortless.  Their voices sound like what pixies would sound like if they were to exist.  Even with a backup band, they are the show.  They own the stage and the audience knows it.

Coming off of the recent release of their album, “Heartthrob”, they take the time to work some of their new work in with their fan favorites and more.  Some of the newer songs include, “Goodbye, Goodbye”, “Love They Say”, “Now I’m All Messed Up”, and more.  Included among the set list were fan favorites such as “Living Room”, “Where Does the Good Go?”, “Alligator”, and more.  The show was closed with a medley of the songs, “My Number”, “Monday”, “You Wouldn’t”, “Superstar”, “Speak Slow”, “Sentimental”, “Hop A Plane”, “We Didn’t”, “On Dire”.

Throughout the show, the girls interact with the audience, taking verbal jabs at one another in a loving sisterly fashion.  In an environment as intimate and still incredibly diverse, First Avenue seems the perfect setting for Tegan and Sara, as well as their fans.  The audience feels like they are part of a large party, one that they wish will never end.  They are less the audience and more a part of the show.

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