Buckcherry – Medina, MN – March 16, 2013

Written by Tracy Hansen.  Photography by Kyle Hansen.

Medina Entertainment Center and 93X present Buckcherry.

The Medina Entertainment Center is filled with a crowd that has already been celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day for the past twenty four hours. Add Buckcherry to the mix and they are settling in for the best Saint Patrick’s Day bash in the Twin Cities.

Led by the infamous Josh Todd, the set is more of a party than a concert. It is filled with green, the color of the weekend, and people who want nothing more than to have fun drinking, dancing, and indulging in the sounds of Buckcherry. A variety of songs fill the air from several of the band’s albums. They include songs such as “Wrath”, “Everything”, “Gluttony” and many others. Fans are also treated to favorites like, “Lit Up” and “Crazy Bitch”.

One of the more humorous aspects of the evening was when Josh Todd told the audience how great it was to be in Medina, Wisconsin, a quote that lived on in infamy throughout Twitter and other social media. Fans took it in stride, laughing and enjoying the fun. The show was a definite highlight in a tremendously busy Saint Patrick’s Day weekend.



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