Styx – Treasure Island Resort & Casino – Welch MN – December 30th 2018

Styx @ Treasure Island Casino 12/30/18

I enjoy concerts like this, no crappy opening band just the headliner. Styx hit the stage a little after 8pm to a sold out crowd. There were several fans showing up thinking they could buy a ticket at the door only to be turned away.

Styx never disappoints, they are always professional with their stellar musicianship and classic songs. No bullshit, just straight forward rock. I would find it hard to believe that anyone who likes music doesn’t know one of their songs.  Last night was hit after hit from “Blue Collar Man” to “Lady and “Rockin’ The Paradise”. One of the founding members Dennis DeYoung is long gone but it was clear by the crowds reaction that no one cared.

The driving force behind the band in my opinion is Tommy Shaw.  The guy is an amazing songwriter and musician.  That is reason enough to go see them, pure talent. They opened with a song from their last album titled “Gone, Gone, Gone” which was well received.  The one odd thing is they did “Mr. Roboto” which is an awful song that pretty much seemed to be the reason for their original demise. I saw that tour in 1983 and remember leaving confused. so seeing them pull that out was a surprise.

Other than that it was a great show and Styx gives their fans what they come to see, the hits!

Review and photos by Tommy Sommers