Stone Sour / Steel Panther – Myth – Maplewood MN – September 29th 2017

93x presents Stone Sour and Steel Panther with special guests The Cherry Bombs.

The Cherry Bombs kicked off the show with a display of hotness, pole dancing, fire breathing, acrobatic moves, crotch grinding and and all out good time.

What more would you want before the concert but to be warmed up by a bunch of hot women dancing and doing cool stuff.

Check out there dates to see if they are gonna be in your town.

Steel Panther are in town ate least once a year so this is a huge treat to have them with Stone Sour.

Always up to their usual antics it is always a good time. Not for the faint at heart but if you are into sex and heavy metal, well then they are for you.

In support of their latest release Lower the Bar they are here to rip it up. These guys are amazing musicians and I love every minute of it.

There is no way they could write these tunes if they were not. The hooks and feel of the 80’s is back my friend, and it starts with Steel Panther.

Check out their web page – buy some music and support their shows.

Well what can you say, Corey Taylor has got it going on. With Slipknot he has conquered the world and even with Stone Sour he has done the same. I do like them a bit better then Slipknot. Now don’t get me wrong Slipknot is awesome but I just like the melodies and not so in your face. Sour has really good radio rock songs and is there for a good time.

When I want to rock I listen to Stone Sour, when I want to bang my head and get some anger out I do Slipknot.

Stone Sour is in support of their latest release Hydrograd. They just released an awesome video for Rose Red Violet Blue (This Song is Dumb and So am I). Steel Panther is guests on it slao.

I really like the new album, yes album. No singles, no pop of the charts, a full album. So kids if you like the previous albums and go out and steal it, HAHA. Just open your Spotify and listen.

The band was incredible tonight. Corey did say at one point he threw out his back but he did not need it to sing. He did have neck surgery and while back but it has not slowed him down at all.

He was banging his head all night. Out of sixteen songs five are from the new album. So get yourself familiar with it before you come to the show.

Check out their webpage for more tour dates with Steel Panther.