Korn – Myth – Maplewood MN – September 26th 2017

Korn absolutely kills it at the myth!

The versatility of this band is literally off the charts, corn has definitely pave the way in the music industry as far as incorporating hip-hop and funk elements within hard rock and metal. No one does it like Korn! Even the most hard-core hip-hop and metal fans can’t deny how groovy their music is. Over the years these guys have definitely perfected their unique sound and style. The live performance was absolutely flawless, everyone in the band seem to be spot on. Not only that they brought a very pleasant visual aspect to their live performance.

Let’s just say that Korn was off the Cobb;)

Set list

Rotting in vain

Falling away from me

Here to stay

Y’all want a single

Did my time

Black is the soul

Shoots and ladders


Got the life

Coming undone


Make me bad

Somebody someone



Freak on a leash

Photos and review by Richard Fisher.