Soundset – St. Paul MN – May 27th 2018

RJF Photography Copyright.

Soundest  2018 At the Minnesota state fairgrounds.

The biggest names in hip-hop from the old school to the new school performed in scorching hot temperatures for thousands of fans! The festival was laid out very well, everything was very easy to get to even though it was packed from corner to corner it didn’t feel as if it was hard to navigate. Beyond the music there was a classic car show that included a lot of old school low-riders. Also, a half pipe for skaters!

As mentioned above, some of the biggest names in hip-hop! It was Wu-Tang’s 25th anniversary show!  All the members that could be there preformed. The crowd was very hype when they hit the stage. The energy literally intensified tenfold… Also we had Ice T, DJ jazzy Jeff, and some other world renowned old-school hip-hop masters. All of those guys definitely still had it! Of course we had Minnesota’s own Atmosphere… We also had Will Smith’s Son Jaden Smith rock the stage with a superb performance! He was jumping around like a rockstar. Tyler the Creator had a flawless settoo, he came out dressed in a construction worker outfit and completely mastered the crowd. Then The Migos and Logic close out the night with an amazing show!

Overall everything was pretty much flawless! There wasn’t any hiccups and sound or stage performance it was very enjoyable.

Review and photos by Richard Fisher