Slayer – Armory – Minneapolis MN – May 24th 2018

Live Nation and the Armory present Slayer with Lamb of God – Anthrax – Behemoth and Testament.

Slayer as decided to cal it quits on touring. As far as never say never well the Who are still out there. Let’s see what happens.

Always treat it as the last time cause tomorrow is not promised.

So in the celebration of heavy metal we enjoy tonight.

Had to make sure I was there for Testament. Classic bay area thrasers that should be part of a big 6, along with Exodus. Let’s give credit where credit is due. They have as much to do with the movement as the other big 4 do. I welcomed this as much as I would a big four show.

Still in support of Brotherhood of the Snake from 2016, but the band is talking bout new music!!

Testament only got  small 7 song set. About my only complaint they had such a short set. Let’s just say they cme, they saw, they kicked our ass.

Setlist – Brotherhood of the Snake – Rise Up – Practice What You Preach – The Pale King – Into the Pit – The New Order – Disciples of the Watch.

Behemoth was up next. These dudes bring a whole new vision to metal. Actually praying on stage or giving praise to what ever demon or underworld god they worship, Good to see them in a big pace to see what they can do.

I have seen them only in dark bars or clubs so was interested in what they would do on stage in this big of place. Well they did just find.

Working the crowd into a frenzy on each of their short 6 song set list.

Bummer about these five band nights are you do not get a full set list from each band. I know it’s Slayers show so they get the time. But we all love to see more metal.

Nergal was awesome running all over the stage and making sure we all knew who they were.

Behemoth was impressive tonight. Setlist – Ov Fire and the Void – Demigod – Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer – Wolves ov Siberia – Chant for Eschaton 2000 – O Father O Satan O Sun

Anthrax, come on it’s Anthrax. They used to be introduced as the loudest fucking band in the world. Well they still are. With a 6 song set list they made sure we all know they are still here.

Caught in a Mosh – Got the Time – I Am the Law – Madhouse – Evil Twin – Anti Social.

Just a great solid set. Huge mosh pits, loud and aggressive what else do you need in metal No Charlie but he was taking care of business so that’s ok.

Lamb of God is holding the torch for new metal and it shows as they performed tonight. Lamb of God has been around for a while and have a huge following.

They just did a EP under the name Burn the Priest of cover tunes. I have to admit the photos were a bit hard due to the red led lights and created some tricky settings.

Did the best we could.

Setlist – Omerta – Ruin – Walk With Me in Hell – Now You’ve Got Something to Die For – 512 – Engage the Fear Machine – Blacken the Cursed Sun – Laid to Rest – Redneck.

SLAYER.  Time for one of the most influential bands in the metal. I have seen Slayer over 12 times. Always trying to catch them at anytime. It has been 24 years since I was introduced to them.

It was on a video tape called Ultimate Revenge. We used to watch it and think this is the scariest thing ever. Like a  horror movie in metal. Just dark and mean.

Then one day it clicked and have always been hooked to the first round of thrash in metal. Fist time seeing Slayer was Reign in Blood Tour at legendary First Avenue. Was absolutely amazing.

Reign was also the first CD I ever bought. Cause you know metal on CD!!! It was so clean and clear sounding we played it over and over and over.

The numerous amounts of time I have seen this band all you can say is thank you. Years of metal music and memories. You were also the last most pit I was in. 2000 Ozzfest, 30 years old and come out of my drinking to clear up in the mosh pit. Nope thats it I’m retiring right here. From then on it was sit back drink a beer and enjoy watching the mosh pit.

Tonight did not disappoint. Holy crap – HUGE. Tons of pyro and huge Slayer set, seriously just go. This is it folks, don’t sit back and go Oh Man I should Have Gone.

Setlist – Repentless- Blood Red – Disciple – Mandatory Suicide – Hate Worldwide – War Ensemble – Jihad – When Stillness Comes – Postmortem – Black Magic – Payback – Seasons in the Abyss – Dittohead – Dead Skin Mask – Hell Awaits – South of Heaven – Raining Blood – Chemical Warfare – Angel of Death.

Thank you Slayer!! It has been a hell of a ride.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen