Soundgarden – Minneapolis MN – 2/2/2013

JAM presents Soundgarden

Soundgarden returns to the Twin Cities after a 19 year hiatus, supporting their latest album; King Animal.

Starting right at 8:00 sharp, Chris Cornell started the show. His voice range was spot on all night long, which is evident of his recent solo career. Kim Thyail has not only got a perfect guitar sound I think he has gotten better over missing time off.
They rocked the dual guitars all night. Drummer Matt Cameron has kept busy with Pearl Jam since 98 after Soundgarden broke up. He is one of the most talented drummers out there right now. His song selection he knows how to play is crazy between the two bands. Ben Sheppard has had his ups and downs since the break up and great to see him back on stage again.

The stage had a huge back drop that would change from song to song. During the Badmotorfinger album various video with the logo from that album projected on the screen. During the newer songs more of an artsy feel videos from winter and other scenery. All older songs had nothing on the back ground concentrating on the the band and the music. The set list dug deep into the catalog. Going all the way back to the sub pop days.
The show lasts over 2 hours so plan on staying for an extra amount of Soundgarden. Some things do get better with age.

Set list
Incessant Mace – Hunted Down – Flower – Outshined – Let Me Drown – Jesus Christ Pose – Gun – By Crooked Steps – Rhinosaur – Hands All Over – Been Away To Long – My Wave – The Day I tried To Leave – Blood On The Valley Floor – Blow Up The Outside World – Fell On Black Days – Zero Chance – Non-State Actor – Eyelid’s Mouth – Drawing Flies – Ty Cobb – Fresh Tendrils – Superunknown – Spoonman – Rusty Cage – Slaves & Bulldozers

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