Seether – The Myth – Maplewood, Minnesota – May 20, 2014

Seether is playing to a sold out crowd at The Myth in Maplewood, Minnesota on the warm spring evening of May 20, 2014. They bring with them Black Stone Cherry as an opening act, a band that has an immense amount of fans clambering into the club as well. Black Stone Cherry starts the evening out with a bang, introducing the highly anticipated main act with ease, as their sets blend together seamlessly with one another.

“Gasoline” is the hit Seether opens with, one of their heavier tunes that gets the already riled crowd moving. The song is a great option for an opener, as it sets a rocking tone for the night and creates an exciting atmosphere. Considering the fact that the crowd is largely a rock and metal crowd, it is incredibly appropriate.

The mood of the show shifts tremendously throughout the night, as the band goes through a large span of their catalog. “Gasoline” is again one of the more heavy songs, while other more radio friendly songs, such as “Broken”, fill the air as well. They even pull out one of older songs that many first heard when hearing of Seether, “Driven Under”. It’s interesting how the first half of the show seems much darker than that of the second, this being one of the highlights of that half.

Halfway through the set, they break into a cover of “Change (in the House of Flies”) by the Deftones. The majority of audience is familiar with and excited to hear the cover, due in part to the incredible popularity of the song, but also because of the large number of Deftones fans at the club already. It’s works as a great segue into the second half of the show, which seems much more upbeat.

The second half consists of more recent and optimistic toned songs. And what better to start that off with than, “Rise Above This”? They follow it up with their new single, “Words as Weapons”. The single has been promoted extensively and incites people in the crowd who may have not been as into the earlier songs as others.

A number of other songs complete the night, including “Country Song”, “Fake It”, and finally, “Remedy”. Personally, I’m a huge fan of bands leaving the audience on a upbeat tune, which is exactly what they did, mimicking the entrance to the show. Leaving on a buoyant note keeps the audience positive as well, leaving them excited for the next time the band will come through town.

Setlist: Gasoline – Needles – Fine Again – Driven Under – Broken – Drum Solo – Change (In the House of Flies) – Rise Above This – Words As Weapons – Country Song – The Gift – Tonight – Fake It – Remedy