Robby Krieger – Medina Ballroom – Medina, MN – March 13, 2015

Robby Krieger of The Doors fame is back in Minnesota at the Medina Ballroom. Fronting the group is Waylan, Robby’s son, who spends the night doing his best to channel the late Jim Morrison. If one were to close their eyes, they wouldn’t know that time had passed since Robby had played in the era of The Doors. Whether young or old, he is sheer perfection on the guitar.

The set included a number of The Doors’ greatest hits, appealing immensely to the extremely excited audience. The night began with “Break on Through (to the Other Side)”, starting the evening perfectly. They continued into numbers such as “Love Her Madly”, “Wild Child”, and “Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)”. The anti war theme, “Five to One” changed the mood slightly, pulling in a slightly more aggressive feel, until “Spanish Caravan” began.

Robby spent a few moments asking the crowd what they wanted to hear. It was a battle between “People are Strange” and “Peace Frog” for a while, with members of the crowd chanting, “FROG, FROG, FROG!” in the back of the ballroom. “People are Strange” won out, but “Peace Frog” followed shortly thereafter.

Numerous hits were played, with “Light my Fire” closing out the show. Overall, the concert was amazing, considering the fact that the person everyone was there to see was nearly in his seventies, playing the guitar like a twenty year old. Afterwards, fans crowded around the backstage area with hopes of meeting him. The band made their way into Robert’s after the show and chatted with some lucky fans.