Heart – Verizon Wireless Center – Mankato, MN – March 18, 2015

Heart and Joan Jett are playing the Verizon Wireless Center in Mankato, Minnesota on March 18, 2015. The two are a fantastic choice for a female power duo of classic rock, pulling in droves of both men and women, lovers of classic rock, the young and old, and more. The audience is immense and the night is filled with some of the greatest hits of classic rock.

Joan Jett is someone you have to see live at some point in your life. She is fantastic live, a sheer firecracker onstage. From a female perspective, she is such an inspiration, acting far against the “normal” way that women are told to behave, especially in the music industry. She goes against the grind and that’s why we love her. Per her usual set, she plays a number of hits, such as “Bad Reputation”, “Cherry Bomb”, “Crimson and Clover”, and more. Much like any of her other shows, it is nothing but fun with fans singing back at her word for word and enjoying every moment of it.

Heart opens their set with the hit, “Barracuda”. It’s a fantastic way to open a set, pulling the audience from their seats and getting them dancing immediately. With a simple stage and light show, the band concentrates solely on the music. Ann Wilson sounds amazing, as if it were still 1977. Nancy was great, as always, and whenever Ann wasn’t singing, she would step back to let the band take center stage.

Throughout the mix of their seventies rock and eighties ballads were numerous covers from “Let Me Roll It” (Wings), “Ain’t No Way “(Aretha Franklin), and “Day of the Eagle” (Robin Trower). They end the main part of the set with the hit, “Crazy on You” and end the show with three encores of Led Zeppelin covers – “Immigrant Song”, “No Quarter”, and “Misty Mountain Hop”. The encores get such wonderful reception that we hear of them a week later in downtown Minneapolis.