The Replacements – Midway Stadium St. Paul MN September 13th 2014

Jam, Madison House Presents and First Avenue present the one and only The Replacements.

When the Replacements started showing up around at festivals last year the only thing anyone here wondered was When is the hometown show??

It finally came last night on September 13th. Selling out 14,000 tickets in minutes it was one of the hardest tickets to find in recent history.

Tailgating was one of the biggest 80’s reunions I have ever seen. Everyone was drinking their favorite beer, sharing Replacements moments, first concert and first album bought.

As coming up to the stadium the merchandise stand was about 50 people deep and 4 rows of people. I knew it was gonna be hard to get a shirt but figured I’d wait.

You could just feel how excited everyone was. Starting right at 9 with a simple hello, then kicked it off with Favorite Thing. Know we all know it is not original but we all want to see them live and hear the songs live.

With Paul and Tommy is John Freese on drums (he also played with Paul on his solo work) and Dave Minehan on Guitars. They were all dressed in green plaid suits to match. Nice touch on the cool September night.

Tommy has been in Guns N Roses since 1998, who saw that coming? but has taken time off to do the Replacement gigs.

They played for almost two hours. The set list was incredible something almost from every album.

The only down fall on the night was the sound. At any outdoor venue you do get wind blowing that effects the sound. If you were not right in the center or in the front it was horrible.

It was not loud enough and several people were yelling to turn it up. Found a nice spot in the center by the soundboard.

I did wait to long and the shirts were all in small at the end, ebay here I come.

It was incredible to see them again. If you are in New York, Phoenix or Austin do not hesitate and go.

The band was right on, sounded great and you just can’t explain how great it was unless you were there.

Amazed that for the last thing at Midway Stadium is what could be our last Replacements show.


Favorite Thing – Takin a Ride – I’m In Trouble – Don’t Ask Why – I’ll Be You – Valentine – Waitress in the Sky – Tommy Gets HIs Tonsils Out – Take Me Down to the Hospital – I Want You Back – Going to New York – Color Me Impressed – Nowhere Is My Home – If Only You Were Lonely – Achin’ To Be – Kiss Me on the Bus – Androgynous – I Will Dare – Love You Till Friday – Maybellene – Merry Go Round – I Won’t – White and Lazy – Swingin Party – Love You in the Fall – Can’t Hardly Wait – Bastards of Young – I Don’t Know (with Buck Hill mixed in) – Skyway – Left of the Dial – Alex Chilton – Unsatisfied