All That Remains – Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN – December 4, 2013

Written by Tracy Hansen.  Photography by Kyle Hansen of RKH Images.

AEG, 93X and Mill City Nights present All That Remains.

Minneapolis is in the middle of a snow emergency when All That Remains plays Mill City Nights.  Because of this, it is downright expected that many people may not be able to make it to the show.  When people are afraid to drive and it is below zero outside, many take the option to miss out on their favorite band.  This, however, is not the case.  All That Remains plays to a sold out crowd during the evening of December 4, 2013.

The fans are first treated by a set by Motionless in White.  Motionless in White is basically the lovechild of The Misfits and Marilyn Manson and bring together a list of songs that throw the crowd into a whirlwind of temporary madness, moshing and crowd surfing to their heavy metal delight.  They prove an excellent way to start the evening.

All That Remains hits the stage shortly thereafter, their eager fans awaiting the show.  The band thanks the audience repeatedly for braving the cold and coming to see them.  They appreciate their fans immensely, something that is clearly obvious throughout the show.

Phil Labonte calls out the people in the crowd that are not rocking out to the music, something common of many vocalists.  The rest of the band is made up of Oli Herbert on guitar, Mike Martin on rhythm guitar, Jeanne Sagan on bass, and Jason Costa on drums.  Jeanne Sagan is part of the reason that the band has many female fans, as she is a hardcore female musician, an inspiration to many women.

The show consists of numerous hits, as well as newer music.  Such tracks include “Down Through the Ages”, “For We Are Many”, “Some of the People, All of the Time”, and many more.  They close out with an encore of “Two Weeks”, thanking their fans once again for dealing with an unusually cold and snowy December and hoping to see them again soon.