Rebelution – Palace Theater – St. Paul MN – July 24th 2022

Palace Theatre Presents: Rebelution, DENM, DJ Mackle

 Review and Photo by Jake Hageman

            Being that I just shot the Stick Figure show recently, I really wanted to check out Rebelution, another awesome reggae band. I just started listening to Rebelution soon after I got into Stick Figure which was about a year and a half ago now. It’s a nice change in pace from all the metal music I usually listen to.

The first band of the night started with DENM, an electronic artist based out of Santa Barbara, California. His songs have a laid-back pop vibe infused with dance and reggae styles. I’ve never heard of DENM before, but I always love checking out new bands and seeing what they’re about. To me, it just kind of sounded like your standard dub-based reggae band, but they were still fun to watch. As soon as they started playing, the crowd was instantly dancing along. The only thing I didn’t like about the set was the lighting. Red gets hard to capture because the photos get muddy, and red was on the band the entire time of the performance with no other color changes. After DENM was done performing, DJ Mackle came out and played some music for the audience while the stage crew was getting ready for Rebelution. He played music for about 15-20 minutes.

After DJ Mackle’s short set, Rebelution took the stage opening with “Count Me In.” They’ve been playing music since 2004, and they also originate from the Santa Barbara area. As far as stage elements go, whoever their lighting guy is did a fantastic job! They vibrant colors made a “feel good” mood in the room, and it was all-round a great visual show to watch. They also had a giant moon in the middle of the stage that would glow different colors as well which was neat to see. One of my favorite songs by these guys is called “All or Nothing”, and I was kind of bummed they didn’t play it. Even though they didn’t perform that specific one live, I got to hear a lot of others I liked and new ones I thought were great. I’ll have to see what reggae show I can shoot next! This was another great night for music at The Palace Theatre.

Rebelution Setlist:

  1. Count Me In
  2. Satisfied
  3. Attention Span
  4. Initials
  5. Inhale Exhale
  6. Good Day
  7. Bright Side of Life
  8. Lay My Claim
  9. Green to Black
  10. Lazy Afternoon
  11. Feeling Alright
  12. Sage and Sound
  13. More Love
  14. So High
  15. More Energy
  16. Old School Feeling
  17. De-Stress
  18. Good Vibes
  19. Outta Control
  20. Roots Reggae Music
  21. Fade Away
  22. Sky Is the Limit