Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum – Varsity Theater – Minneapolis MN – July 25th 2022

Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum with Lorelei K The Varsity Theater – Minneapolis, MN – July 25th, 2022

Review and photos by Kate Klaus

The beautiful Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN welcomed electronic rock trio Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum for an excitingly striking sonic treat for the intimate crowd.  Dallas based Lorelei K opened the night with a hauntingly beautiful set of deeply melodic songs by singer Dahlia Knowles, complemented by reverberating synth tones and backing vocals by Michael Briggs.  Her range was exquisite, visiting both deep lower tones and soft high tones that matched her sweetly innocent and raw personality.  Clearly honored and grateful to have the experience of performing for the crowd, Lorelei K was a delightful opener and set a light mood for the evening.

Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum is a trio comprised of artists with a broad range of backgrounds and talent that came together after working with each other on the Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  Keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen (Blondie) and drummer peter Yanowitz (The Wallflowers) first took the stage and filled the room with rumbling synth tones and beats.  Lead singer Michael C. Hall then appeared, to loud cheers from the crowd.  If one was not familiar yet with their music, their stage appearance didn’t give much for clues as to what was in store, as it was a mix of 80s-esque sparkle and down-to-earth comfy pants and crocs.  But the instant they launched into their first song, Vicious, the room was filled with deep bass synth and the vocals pierced the other end of the spectrum, with high melodies within a beautiful vocal range from Michael C. Hall.  Their sound is as complex to describe, and their self-described “kaleidoscopic sound weather” while a great description, doesn’t even aptly capture the visual and sonic display that they provide.  Its captivating and ethereal, with fog and lights that mimic an almost dreamlike or hallucinogenic vibe that is matched by the quietly powerful and mesmerizing sound.  Their set bounded between slow and haunting melodic and beautiful songs to much denser and aggressive sounds with heavy bass distortion and sonic dissonance, which were still perplexingly beautiful and well-delivered.  Their sound was incredibly distinctive and showed a band deeply rooted in a strong awareness their unique style and matchless and indescribable genre.  They are definitely a band to watch and experience, as the depth of their experience in the music, theater, and acting industries all plays into an extraordinary and highly enjoyable show.