Ratt / Great White – Treasure Island Casino – Welch MN – February 11th 2017

Treasure Island Resort & Casino presents The Back for More tour – Ratt and Great White.

Great White opened the show to sell out crowd for Ratt’s first reunion show with new drummer Jimmy DeGrasso.

Great White had a small but very rockin’ set. They are most of the original band with Terry Ilous on vocals.

He joined the band after Jack Russell left in 2010.  His vocal style fits the band perfectly.

The band was in top form tonight giving us a great does of the 8-0’s rock n roll tonight.

Was good to see Mark Kendall ripping up the guitar.

Great White Setlist – (Iv’e Got)Something for You – Desert Moon – Lady Red Light – House of Broken Love – Save Your Love – Mista Bone – Big Goodbye – Big Goodbye – Can’t Shake It – Rock Me – Once Bitten Twice Shy.

For more tour dates go to http://www.greatwhiterocks.com/

Ratt has come back with new drummer and new things for 2017. After the surprise show on the Monsters of Rock Cruise we are lucky to get the first official show of the new line up.

Lets start with Wanted Man, Dangerous but worth the Risk and You Think Your Tough. Now with Stephen Pearcy seen him on his bad night seen him on his good nights. Tonight was a good night. I have seen Ratt since 1983 opening for Billy Squier. Every time has been so much fun. Tonight was just the same.

As any show opener nothing is perfect. A few mix ups here and there and Stephen needs some dates to warm up his voice but still fun.

Carlos Cavazo is a great addition to the band. Him and Warren do the classic songs such justice. Juan’s return back in 2014 was a huge surprise.

He is such a great played and puts so much energy into the band. Stephen got a little pissed when he camera guy would not turn around and film the crowd. Hey man you gotta listen.

Show was sold out tonight lets hope we can see more sold out shows this year.

Set list – Wanted Man – Dangerour but worth the Risk – You Think Your Tough – Walkin’ the Dog – Way Cool Jr – I’m Insane – In Your Direction – Lack of Communication – Lay it Down – Your in Love – Lovin’ You’d a Dirty Job – Nobody Rides for Free – Body Talk – Back for More – Round and Round.

For more info and tour dates check out – http://www.therattpack.com/