Primus – The Palace Theater – St. Paul MN – June 3rd 2022

93x and The Palace Theater presents Primus – A Tribute to Kings tour.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

Opening tonight was The Battles. Due to time restraints I was not able to get there in time to see their whole set. I did get to see about half of it and it was wild. If I could compare them to anyone it would be Primus. I could be wrong but that is what I heard. With the 20 minutes I saw I really dug it. I then realized there were only two members in the band. I do not know much about The Battles but if you are looking for some new music check them out here.  THE BATTLES

The Primus tour has been on hold for quite a while now and it is all quite obvious why. As a fan of Rush and Primus I can’t think of a better show than Primus playing the whole A Farewell to Kings album in full. So not sure who the sets were gonna work I did sneak a peak at for what it looked like. Awesome we are gonna get a full Primus set and then for the second set the whole Farewell album in full. Now be prepared for a nice long show cause you get 2 sets and an encore. Plus Primus loves to jam and make them a bit longer. So they started with Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers. Nice start to the night. They pretty much hit all their albums. I could go on and on an their musicianship and who great they are but we all know this so here is their first set. Check out the photo of their on stage set list.

Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers with Laquer Head in the middle – Golden Boy – Too Many Puppies – Sgt. Baker – Cansprionia – Jilly’s on Smack – Del David Tree Farm – Hamburger Train – Professor Nuttbutter’s House of Treats

Now  after that  we get the Kings album. The band came out and we saw that Les had a robe on like Gettty would wear on stage. Les did take the time after Xanadu to explain how hard Rsuh songs are to play and what huge fans they are. So for him to say that you know they are hard. The band played the album like Rush. I thought maybe they would give it a Primus feel but they just played it like it is. Now that we are not gonna get anymore Rush shows this is a must for all Primus and Rush fans to see.

Set 2 – A Farewell to Kings – Xanadu – Closer to the Heart – Cinderella Man – Madrigal – Cygnus X-1

For the encore they finished with Bob – My Name is Mud  and Jerry Was a Race Car Driver.  The only complaint, no Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver.