Papa Roach – Myth – Maplewood MN – December 7th 2017

93X presents the 2017 Nutcracker part 2 staring – Papa Roach

Papa Roach came to The Myth in Maplewood, Minnesota on December 7, a part of the two night 93X Nutcracker concert series.  I have always found Papa Roach interesting.  Their original sound is so different than that from their “Infest” album (we all remember “Last Resort”), but I love it.  As far as I’m concerned, “Getting Away with Murder” trumps “Last Resort” any day of the week.  Every time I have seen them live, they always seem to be having fun and enjoy their interaction with the audience.  This evening was no different.

I’ll say this again, The Myth is now 100% better than what it used  to be.  The new owners have really turned the place around.  People were able to stand comfortably, walk around, get drinks, and more without the aggravation such tasks would have brought on months ago at the same venue.  If you haven’t been there yet, go.

Cold Kingdom and Falling in Reverse opened for Papa Roach.  Cold Kingdom is a native Minneapolis metal band, a band we first saw at Rock Fest years ago in Wisconsin.  They’re amazing.  Since then, we have seen them at Northern Invasion and other festivals and shows.  I always find it cool when metal bands have female leads, as they really step up, as Dani does.  The band is highly energetic and fun.  They played a short twenty-five minute set, but took advantage of every moment.   After that set came Falling in Reverse, another highly energetic, interactive band with an incredible stage presence.   They played a forty-five minute set to a very excited crowd, enjoying not only them, but eager for the main act.

Papa Roach hit the stage to an enthusiastic crowd,  They played an incredible set, spanning throughout their career.  Opening with “Getting Away with Murder”, they played a song for everyone.  Halfway through the set, they covered Blur’s “Song 2”, a fun number that everyone knew, even if they don’t know who Blur is.  The show ended with three encores, “Last Resort” closing out the show, of course.  Papa Roach don’t seem to be going away at all.  They are a great band that are so much fun to see live.  I remember a few years ago at a show, they thanked everyone for coming and spending their money on them, as it was a time when people really didn’t have a lot of money and employement was at a low.  That really stuck with me and they seem just as grateful at every show.