P.O.S. – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – March 17th 2017

There was no shortage of things to do in downtown Minneapolis, March 17th, catering to a variety of interests for those who were out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the city. First Avenue was a definite hot spot with a capacity crowd of Hip Hop music fans in attendance to welcome home Doomtree co-founder, Stefon Alexander aka P.O.S, for the official release of his new LP “Chill, dummy”. The festivities surrounding this project actually got underway the evening prior at Electric Fetus as a much smaller group of super-fans got to experience an exclusive live in-store performance.


The First Avenue show lineup included the Chris Bierden “Invisible Boy” project plus “Zuluzuluu” who effectively backed up the buzz associated with being named one of 2016’s best new Twin Cities bands. Even after these 2 solid opening sets, there was still a sense that people were waiting for the main event to really let loose. Feeding off this intangible sense of excitement, P.O.S moved feverishly about the stage as if the thrill of dropping rhymes was all new again. He made reference to his voice being a bit road tired, but it did not seem to hinder any of the passion behind his delivery on this special night. One advantage a live Hip Hop show has over other music styles is an inherent willingness of fans to throw their hands in the air and recite back as many lyrics as they can remember. There was no shortage of this practice throughout the entire P.O.S set, which made it truly electric.

Review and Photo gallery by Patrick Dunn.