Our Lady Peace – Music Hall Minneapolis – Minneapolis MN – November 5th 2017

Music Hall MPLS presents Our Lady Peace.

Our Lady Peace are here and celebrating the twentieth anniversary of “Clumsy”.  The band is playing as one of the latest bands as the opening of Music Hall MPLS, formerly Mill City Night. It was pretty much the same venue as I could see, the new name not changing up much of it.  One difference, however, was the removal of the upstairs balcony seats which should make things interesting when it gets busy.  That was the initial complaint of Mill City Nights or, The Brick, in the beginning, as sightlines weren’t the best.  So we will see how long it stays like that.

Everyone there was very excited to Our Lady Peace. Clumsy is the second album from our Canadian friends and yes, it came out twenty years ago.   A few friends got the meet and greet VIP tickets and could not have said more nice things about how it went.  If you were in high school when “Clumsy” came out, you know why so many people were excited for this show. The music pulls you back to younger days with a very nostalgic sound.  They were not playing “Clumsy” in its entirety but they were covering most of the album. I helped promote the album in the 90’s when working at the local record store, so most of it sounded very familiar.

They band sounded great tonight. The crowd was very vocal and was very responsive, delighted in some of their favorite and memorable tunes.  The audience was a varied crowd, filled with fans of all ages.  This was a bit surprising to me, as I felt as if the band was one of a distinct 90’s crowd.  The set consisted of numerous hits, such as “Superman’s Dead” and “Somewhere Out There”, with a fantastic encore of “Starseed”.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen.