Macklemore – Palace Theater – St. Paul MN – November 2nd 2017

The Palace Theater and First Avenue present Macklemore.

I own a record store in Bloomington MN – Discland – and we sell a ton of Macklemore. SO I was looking forward to seeing what the hype was all about. I learned a lot getting ready for the show. I knew about him and Ryan Lewis,of course, for the past 12 years but did not know the extent of singles and videos that have made them huge in the hip-hop culture. I love to see the different ways that people get music out to the fans. It is so much different then the past. Yes of course there is still albums and singles, but youtube, social media and the internet had made it a whole new ball game.

He was in support of his latest and surprisingly only second solo release Gemini – Macklemore has a very positive message in his music. Right of the bat he had everyone up and dancing, even if he had to help just a few into it a little bit. He did tell everyone not to live through your phone. Take a few then put it away and enjoy the show. Respect!! That is the way it should be.

Backed with just a drum set, guitar player, horn section and percussion – they all switched around – it was fun to watch. His favorite place to play is Minnesota. He even gave a show out in his latest record –

Loaded merch in that 12-passenger van
In a small club in Minnesota
And the snow outside of 1st Ave
I just wanted my name in a star

– and of course we all loved that. He has perfected the stage and how to work a crowd. Moving from side to side and making sure everyone one was involved.

I was digging the fringe jacket – being an old school metal head cool to see someone keeping it alive.

Overall was very impressed with the show and so was the crowd. I’m gonna have to dive into the late few years of music I missed.

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Setlist – Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight – Firebreather – Marmalade – Thrift Shop – White Walls – Same Love – Willy Wonka – Corner Store – Otherside –  Intentions – And we Danced – Dance Off – Can’t Hold Us – Excavate – Good Old Days – Downtown – Glorious.

Review and photos – Kyle Hansen