In This Moment – The Myth – Maplewood, MN – November 28, 2014

In This Moment is back to Minnesota at The Myth in Maplewood. Promoting their new album, “Black Widow”, they are playing with Starset and 12 Foot Ninja as openers. The opening bands are very different than In This Moment, as Starset is more cinematic. 12 Foot Ninja is a rock band, but their style differs greatly from that of In This Moment, something that the crowd picks up on. It is clear from the beginning that they are there for In This Moment and cannot wait for them to take the stage.

Maria Brink is center stage upon the opening of the show with dancers on each side of her. She and the dancers have different looks for every single song, making each song very much it’s own. That is one of the really great things about In This Moment shows – even if you have never been to one of their shows or know anything about them, you are in for something very theatrical. They work very hard on their stage show, which I feel is something many bands nowadays lack. It is much appreciated by the fans.

One can easily tell how into the show the fans are. There are some incredibly large and, at times, dangerous, mosh pits taking place throughout the evening. Even those in the back of the sold out venue are screaming out lyrics, word by word. It’s a very dedicated and dark show, much like the new album. The set list ranges from early work to the newest, to a medley of Metallica, Pantera, and Slayer, a piece that gets the crowd all the rowdier.

A recommendation after the show would be to pick up the latest album from In This Moment. The single, “Big, Bad Wolf” is one of their latest and is much heavier than anything they have released in the past. It is a fantastic album and a great addition to the collection of any heavy metal fan. Maria Brink and her backers have an unbelievable future ahead of them.