Ministry – Palace Theater – St. Paul MN – April 5th 2022

Ministry with special guests The Melvins and Corrosion of Conformity

The Palace in St. Paul, MN 4/5/2022

The first thought I had when I saw this tour announcement was will this lineup work. Theoretically all the bands on this bill are heavier sounding bands. You could put anyone into several different categories of music depending on who you speak to. There were several things that I thought made this show great. First, is that people came early to see the opening bands and not just show up for the headliner. I am hoping this is a trend that continues for all of the shows I attend.

I have seen Corrosion of Conformitybefore and was very impressed with them. They’re very heavy and dark but it really works. It’s a four piece that plays very well together. Their songs have a very heavy groove to them that almost makes a very signature sound. If you like heavier bands check these guys out. The highlights for me in the set were the songs “Shake Like You”, “Vote with a Bullet”, and “Clean My Wounds”. Like I said as you can see by the titles of the songs, very heavy.

I have been aware of the Melvins for a very long time. I’ve only seen him once when they opened up on one of the kiss tours. At that point I have to say I just didn’t get it. I knew they were huge fans because each one of them released a solo album that mirrored the cover of the 1978 kiss solo albums. But they’re so different than traditional Hard Rock that I wasn’t sure. I came to the show assuming that they wouldn’t fit in the last I saw them.

I’ve learned something just to look at things from a different perspective. last night was a perfect example with this band because I walked away thinking that they are fantastic. They are so much fun to watch, and their songs are good. Some will argue this point with me but again I challenge you to go see them live before you Give your opinion. They were a lot of fun to watch play as well and that adds to it for me with the music.

I’ve always viewed them as an indie punk band but they are not really. Some of the songs they played that were highlights for me last night were, ”Anaconda”,  “Never Say You’re Sorry” and “Hooch”. I wasn’t sure that it would work but they fit perfectly on this bill. And again, the crowd was there early to see them and seemed to really enjoy them.

Ministry is a band that I’m all too familiar with and have seen them many times over the years. When someone would say describe 1st Avenue in the 80s, I would say Ministry not Prince. They embodied everything that was special about that movement and that club. They have a loyal fan base that has seemed to stick with them over the years, but I know they’ve changed a little bit as well.

the last time they were in town a few years ago, I walked away thinking it’s just not the same anymore. I’m not saying that it was bad but it’s revisiting something and expecting it to be the same 30 years later. Last night’s show was a classic ministry show that took me back to those early shows in the 80s at first Ave. Even a lot of the people there last night were people I recognized and hadn’t seen, in I don’t even know how long. They tore through a classic ministry set that included “Breathe”, “Stigmata”, “Just One Fix” “So What” and two cover songs. Iggy and the Stooges “Search and Destroy” and Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut” which was cool.

The place was packed as in no place else to stand and the crowd love every minute of the show. The band was totally into it as they played the entire set behind a cage. Not great at times for photos but really fit with the show. They proved again last night why Ministry is the king of Industrial rock.  Go see them live you will feel like you are traveling back in time. Get ready to be sucked in by the music and energy!