Mayhem – Cabooze Minneapolis MN – January 25th 2017

Mayhem played The Cabooze in Minneapolis, Minnesota on January 25, 2017

There is a lot to say about the band Mayhem. They are considered one of the major forefathers of Norwegian black Metal. Yet, most will say they created this genre and put it on the map. Mayhem has a very interesting show that they put on, most of the people in the audience stand there in complete awe while watching them preform Satanic and Diabolical acts on stage. The sound from their performance was absolutely spine chilling along with their Demonic and nightmarish looking image made this turn out to be a very eerie show! The opening act was a two-piece black metal band named ‘’Inquisition’’. Granted they only had a guitar player and drummer they still had sounded as if they had a full band! They had a very heavy and thick sound that was filled with tons of speed and power which really pumped up the crowd for the main act. The overall performance of that show was very pleasing and completely entertaining!

Set List –

  1. Funeral fog.
  2. Freezing moon.
  3. Cursed in eternity.
  4. Pagan fears.
  5. Life eternal.
  6. From the dark past.
  7. Buried by time and dust.

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Review and photos by Richard Fisher