Mac Sabbath – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – February 18th 2018

93x and First Avenue present Mac Sabbath and Galactic Empire with special guests Impaler.

Minneapolis shock rockers opened the show. They brought along all the regular metal and mayhem as usual.

Drinking beer from a served head, ripping guts out, wrestling moves and this time even a birthday crush.

For more on Impaler check out their facebook page.

Next up was Galactic Empire. I went into this one blind. I know they have a huge following but have never listened to them.

I knew that it was metal and Star Wars mixed together. That is exactly what it was.

Boba Sett on drums – Red Guard on rhythm guitar – Kilo Ren on lead guitar – Dark Vader on lead guitar – Stormtrooper on bass.

They rocked all kinds of Star Wars movie themes in heavy metal. Excellent musicianship all around.

Few jokes about the dark side and the force through the show. Mostly they hang in one spot and just rip out the tunes. The stormtrooper have in a huge groove all night.

They have one album out so far but they are going places and will have more. Check out Galactic Empire here.

Mac Sabbath is a tribute mock band of McDonald’s characters and Black Sabbath. They play Sabbath’s music, and great by the way, with lyrics about McDonald’s.

Who ever thought of this is a genius. It works so well together. The stage and costumes are so good. Every time you look at the stage there is a huge Grimalice and Slayer McCheeze staring at you.

Ronald Osbourne then come out and slams you in the face with one of the best Ozzy Ronald impressions you will every see, well the only one you will ever see. Let’s not also forget the Catburglar on drums.

It is amazing that they can play with those huge costumes on, I guess what they say is true practice makes perfect. They did cut down on the banter in between songs this time around which helped the flow of the show. Great jokes about other bands that may come around like KFC/DC. My favorite name so far. They will probably form and open next show.

There merchandise table is awesome. Belt buckles, stickers, hoodies, glow in the dark shirts, necklaces, and ton of other stuff. I had to get the glow in the dark shirt.

The night was a great time for some silly metal music. Sometime don’t take yourself to seriously and enjoy some silliness.

For info – merch and tour dates check Mac Sabbath here.