Lil Tecca – Fillmore Minneapolis – Minneapolis MN – March 2nd 2024

Live Nation and Fillmore Minneapolis present Lil Tecca

Review and photos by Max Trelstad

On Saturday Night, New York native Lil Tecca headlined a sold-out Fillmore in Minneapolis with a stop on his HVN on Earth Tour. The night was filled with high energy from the crowd as they enjoyed every second of the show and the anticipation for Tecca’s set built with every opening artist that graced the stage.

The first artist to kick off the show was a rapper by the name of Chow Lee, who entertained the energetic crowd with his autotuned vocals and energetic performance. As the smallest artist on the bill in terms of a following, Chow Lee brought a surprising amount of energy to the stage and entertained the audience while they waited for what would come later in the night. He warmed up the crowd for the next couple of openers (and Lil Tecca) and danced around the stage through the rest of his set.

Second to the stage was Tana, a 17-year-old rapper whose style of music was extremely high energy right out of the gate. His on-stage presence matched his music perfectly, and he gave it his all while running up and down the stage singing to the bass-driven synth beats. The crowd resonated with some of his bigger tracks, such as “Antisocial” and “off the leash!”. At such a young age, Tana brought the hype to the crowd and continued to build the energy for the next opener.

The last opener of the night was SoFaygo, a Cactus Jack Records signed artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He performed with similar intensity to the two artists before him, running and jumping across the stage to the distorted bass in his songs. His music style sounded similar to Tana’s, with wavy synths punctuated by booming bass, all behind his high-pitched auto-tuned vocals. His biggest hit song “Knock Knock”, a viral hit on TikTok produced by Lil Tecca had the crowd singing along to every word.

After the long wait, the room was buzzing, everyone waiting for the artist they all came to see. The classic sound byte “We Love You Tecca” played over the speakers right before Tecca walked on stage, making the crowd erupt, finally ready for the show to begin. The rapper began his performance with the songs “Yves” and “HVN ON EARTH”, which warmed the crowd up for the hits he would be playing later in his set. Tecca rapped most of his songs with only instrumental tracks backing his live vocals, which was incredibly impressive, seeing as the crowd was singing over him for the majority of the show. He rapped many of the songs off of his newest album “TEC”, most notably the song “500lbs” which the crowd sang every line of. Before Lil Tecca finished his set, he made sure to thank the crowd for sticking with him through his five-year career and then played “Ransom”, the song that made him the star he is today.