Larkin Poe – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – March 18th 2023

Southern Comfort and First Avenue present Larkin Poe with special guests Michagan Rattlers

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

Live music is good for the soul.

Tonight I wen tin blind, just like the old days. We used to be able to go there every night when I worked at Down in the Valley. An amazing local record store that I had the pleasure to work for, for 13 years. Anyway we were on the permanent list at First Ave and went down near every night to just hang and hear live music. So this is how I approached tonight.

Michigan Rattlers was the opening band. From Michigan hanse the name released their debut album Evergreen in 2018 and their second full length album in 2021 called That Kind of Life. I was late to First Ave cause I thought it was at their other venue The Palace Theater in St. Paul. Reminder kids, always check your tickets. Being only a few minutes away I did get there to check out most of their set. They had this great folk country rock sound. I know that is a lot but they are easy to listen to and very enjoyable. There set was only about 30 minutes was a great opening band for Larkin Poe.

I had not heard Larkin Poe before the show. I did get a lot of people telling me who entertaining they are and I will love the show. Instantly I knew I loved this band. Originally from Georgie they are now based in Nashville. Rebecca and Megan Lovell are sister who started their first and when they were teenagers and have been going ever since. Larkin’s debut album came out in 2014 Kin and have had 2 releases in the last three years. A cover album that came out in 2020 called Kindred Spirits and Blood Harmony for which they are on tour for. Rebecca’s voice in unreal. I could not believe that voice was coming out of her. Then there is Megan’s steel guitar playing. WOW. Well they both play guitar on another level. They have this mash of blues rock country sound that works so good. Between songs they told stories of each song and being at First Ave just a few years earlier to see one of the Robinson brothers from The black Crowes and amazed they were even playing in the same room. You could tell they were very thankful for all of us showing up. Their music is just good ol southern blues rock. You must click the link above to check them out.

So when I got home to get the setlist online I saw they opened for Bob Seger in 2018. I covered that show so I had seen them before. Set list – Strike Gold – Kick the Blues – Summertime Sunset – Preachin’ Blues – Georgia Off My Mind – She’s A Self Made Man – Southern Comfort – Holy Ghost Fire – Bleach Blond Bottle Blues – Blue Ridge Mountains – Mad as a Hatter – Might as Well Be Me – Bad Spell – Wanted Woman – AC/DC – Bolt Cutters & The Family Name – Deep Stays Down