K.FLay – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – May 17th 2017

93x and First Avenue present K.Flay.

With their debut of their New Artists Showcase 93x has chosen K.Flay and Missio.

Invited my friend Mike to the show how had no idea who he was going to see. But he loves music so he was excited to see what was at hand tonight.

Told him to check them out so he knew what he was gonna see.

Missio has come onto the scene with their new tune Middle Fingers. I had heard it a few times and really started to grow me. They have a hip hop / trans sound that is really original.

Their sound is a lot fuller than the duo that is on stage. I thought for sure they were a four or five piece. They had a great reception right off the bat.

Mostly dancing and having fun with the crowd they and us had a great time, KDV, Everybody Gets High and Middle Fingers were my favorite of the evening.

Right after the show they ran over to the merch booth to meet n greet with everyone that came by. Classy move!! Of course had to get one with our fingers in the air!

Their new album came out 2 days after the show, Loner. Make sure to get it.

For more info and tour dates check them out here.



My wife has been playing K.Flay for a while now. 93x just picked up on it but it is in heavy rotation as is Missio’s Middle Fingers.

She came on stage right at 9:05 scheduled time to a near sold out crowd.

K.Flay has an original pop / alternative / hip-hop mix. It really has to heard really loud with a lot of bass to be experienced.

That;s why I love going to concerts. The music experience is difference then on album.

She did a great job working the stage like a vet. She made her debut in 2010 so not an overnight sensation but quick.

Her charisma and swag is incredible and her voice was excellent all night.

My friend Mike had a fantastic time since my wife was unable to check her show out tonight.

My wife plays her a lot and Blood in the Cut is still my favorite. She has several mix tapes and ep’s out from earlier days and her latest Every Where is Somewhere.

Available at all record stores and online. Check her out.

For more info and tour dates on K.Flay go here.