Judas Priest / Steel Panther : Allen Event Center – Allen TX 11/6/2014

The Allen Event Center presents Judas Priest with special guests Steel Panther.

Steel Panther has come to Allen tonight to declare Heavy Metals Back!! The show is a throw back to the 80’s when it was sex, drugs and rock n roll. They don’t sugar coat it with sexual innuendoes, they give it right in your face version. This is not your regular heavy metal show. They rock it every time. Starting with their new single Pussywhipped the crowd is not sure what to expect. After Party Like It’s the End of The World they get into the comedy of the show. Having fun with each other, talking about groupies, and more heavy metal. Asian Hooker get the crowd that knows them, fanthers as they call them, to get into the show. The rest of the crowd you could tell was a total Judas Priest show. They needed some warming up and they got it. Just Like Tiger Woods, Community Property, Eyes of A Panther, 17 Girls in A Row, and Glory Hole were next. Just like any 80’s band they got everyone on their feet and having a great time. Closing it out was Party All Day and Death to All But Metal. Huge response for the Panthers!!!

Judas Priest is in support of their latest album Redeemer of Souls. A huge curtain gets dropped before they come out and crowd roars. You know the show is gonna start Opening with the first track on the album Dragonaut they band sounds great. You can hear the classic Priest in the new songs thank to the addition of Richie Faulkner. Metal Gods and Devil’s child we get for some quick classics. Rob sounds incredible on Devil’s Child. The vocal rang on the song can be a challenge he nails it. Next is Victim of Changes and man is it good. The band as whole is making this tour already something special. Through out the night Rob has several outfit changes to keep it looking fresh. With a huge video screen back drop there is not a bad seat in the house. Scott and Ian keep it tight all night and the guitars are perfect. It is also the 30th anniversary of Defenders of the Faith so added to the tour is Love Bits, Jawbreaker and Defenders of the Faith. We also get the Harley on Hell Bent For Leather, and the rest of the classics. The band is not stopping and it is so great to see them once again. They make it know they are glad to see us all throughout the night also. See the link below for full tour dates.


Full setlist – Dragonaut – Metal Gods – Devil’s Child – Victim of Changes – Halls of Valhalla – Love Bites – March of the Damned – Turbo Lover – Redeemer of Souls – Beyond the Realms of Death – Jawbreaker – Breaking the Law – Hell Bent for Leather – You’ve Got Another Thing Coming – Living After Midnight – Defender of the Faith.