Jack’s Mannequin – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN January 24th 2106

Jack’s Mannequin Celebrates 10 Years in Transit

Although songwriter, pianist, vocalist Andrew McMahon was enjoying success in the late 90’s / early 2000’s with Orange County rock band Something Corporate, he’d written other material warranting a solo project that became Jack’s Mannequin. He turned out three successful albums through 2011 and was recently in Minneapolis touring to support his latest project Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. A significant milestone sparked an idea to organize a mini throwback tour to celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of Jack’s Mannequin debut album Everything in Transit. McMahon commented:

“I will be the first to admit, I prefer keeping my focus in the present, but I cannot deny Transit’s place in my life and the lives of my fans. Even as I announce these shows I know there will be disappointment over the fact this will not be a full tour. To those of you in markets we are not playing, please know we picked the routing that allowed us to play the most shows in the short time that was available. As I said so many years ago, this is a story, and it will be performed as such, in its original running order from start to finish.”

Being one of the select few destinations on this tour was a lock to sell-out First Avenue for the January 24th performance at which fans enjoyed Everything in Transit played in full plus hits from various other projects. As always, McMahon exuded great energy and the crowd responded enthusiastically making a historical night also a memorable one.

Supporting act She is We started out the evening with a solid set.

Photos and review – Patrick Dunn