Black Sabbath – Target Center – Minneapolis MN January 25th 2016

AEG and Target Center present Black Sabbath The End Tour

Black Sabbath has made 2016 the last year the band will be touring.

We are lucky enough to be the third show on the beginning of the end.

With seeing Ozzy the last few years was going in expecting an ok show, was I wrong.

The band was right on trak and Ozzy sounded great. We were located right in front of Tony Iommi the godfather of heavy metal guitar.

All of them in great spirits and smiling and looking like they were having a great time.

Set list went into a few deep tracks, Hand Of Doom, Dirty Woman, and After Forever.

Rat Salad included a great drum solo from Tommy Clufetos who was in drums for Bill Ward.

All the classics were present. Hard to believe they have been doing this for 40 years.

This past year has seen the end of a lot of bands due to age or death. Firm belief to go see all the greats while they are still around.

Thank you Ozzy, Geezer, Toni and Bill, even though you were not here. With out you there would be no Heavy Metal today.

Full Setlist – Black Sabbath – Fairies Wear Boots – After Forever – Into the Void – Snowblind – War Pigs – Behind the Wall of Sleep – N.I.B. – Hand of Doom – Rat Salad – Iron Man – God is Dead – Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes – Dirty Woman – Paranoid – Children of the Grave