Iron Maiden – United Center – Chicago IL – April 6th 2016

Been waiting a while for this road trip.

Started at 7am leaving Minnesota for Chicago. We got there, checked in tot he hotel and immediately made a run for the airport.

Ed Force One, Iron Maiden’s plane, is as big as a deal as the concert. We got to O’Hare but missed the landing. As we drove around we got into the airport and found the plane.

Several other fans were there but not as many as we thought. They let us hang for about 30-40 minutes and take some pictures. As we all departed we took a little detour down the fence to get a few extra shots form the side. OOPS the Chicago police did not like that and we got a parking ticket. Could have been worse. We all chipped in and help pay for the ticket. Well worth it.

When we arrived at the venue we found an official vendor already outside at 3:30. Grabbed our merch and we are already to go.

Headed over to an official Trooper Beer party at the Park Tavern about 5 blocks from the United Center. Great food, tons of Maiden fans, and lout Iron Maiden cranked.

Sorry but we missed the Raven Age. Heard good things. Steve Harris’ son George plays guitar for the band. Check them out on Facebook and any other social media outlet to get info.

Iron Maiden stage is huge. They have been using the same stage frame for the past few years and drape it with the theme of the tour. They are on tour supporting their latest album Book of Souls.

This has to be my favorite Maiden album since Seventh Son. Every song on it is killer. The response has been huge for the new cd.

Opening the show with If Eternity Should Fail find Bruce at the top of the stage singing into a huge caldron and the rest of the band hits the stage when it kicks in.

Keeping it new Speed of Light is the next up. Video for this is based on CGI looking like a video game. They are also releasing a new Eddie video game later this year.

We will all be playing that.

Pulling classics out and mixing in new tunes Maiden does so well. Some people prefer just a classics set list but I love the new stuff.

Eddie the mascot is one of the most metal icon mascots there is. He come out this time to only have Bruce rip his heart out and toss it into the crowd.

Bruce’s voice has improved over the years, the band has only gotten better with each tour. The show is a must.