Iron Maiden – Legacy of the Beast UK Tour 2018

Iron Maiden live in Birmingham at the Genting Arena and 2 nights at the 02 in London, presented by Live Nation.

I have always wanted to go over to the UK and follow Iron Maiden. Well it all lined up that I was able to follow them for a week for 3 shows.

First I tried to stay away from the setlist but man the internet is right there in front of you. So I did peak. I tried not to watch too many videos as I could but the stage looked so cool.

As I watched I was amazed by what I was seeing. First time I saw Maiden was on the piece of Mind tour for my 14th birthday. Yes parents used to let their 14 year old kids go to concerts by themselves. I was still new at going to concerts so to see one of my favs was very exciting.

I feel the same way today about going to an Iron Maiden show. Even seeing them over 15 times before this weekend. We all have our vice.

The setlist is taken from The Legacy of the Beast game that came out last year. It is for your mobile device and your get to be a bunch of different Eddie’s and kill the bad guys. I have played it but have to play it more. To busy taking photos and doing reviews.

They brought out all sorts of inflatables for this tour. They opened with Aces High first and had a Spitfire replica that was 2/3 to scale. Of course this got the place going absolutely nuts.

The Eddie this time around was Trooper Eddie and had a sword fight with Bruce. Everyone always gets excited when Eddie comes out.

During Flight of Icarus, which they have not had in their setlist since 85 had a huge Icarus. But that is not even the best of it Bruce had on flame throwers while he sang. Bouncing back and forth from throwing fire into the air and singing.

The final Eddie comes always during Iron Maiden usually right before the encore. This one was a massive Legacy of the Beast Eddie engulfed in the back of the stage. See photos for all the stage stuff, duh!

So they had the usual pyro and massive stage sets but something felt different on this one. The energy they gave out, the crowds, just being in the UK to see them, ok it was all of the above.

The guys played amazingly as usual and the setlist was amazing. Some people think it was too common but I thought it was a perfect legacy setlist. Even Blaze era got 2 songs. Which made me go back and list to those albums again and they are really good.

Couple notes on the shows.

The Genting Arena is so cool. Unlike other arenas there is no club, suite or upper levels. So it is like one big lower bowl. Anywhere was a good seat.

The sound was huge on all the shows. Over all I have not heard them like this in a while. Drums and guitars were perfect and was just sounding like old time big metal.

Setlist was the same for all three shows. Has to be because of the production. All worth it.

The 02 is an amazing building. I did the climb over the 02 in the morning. If you are ever do it. Amazing views of London. Also that allowed me to hit the merch booth right when it opened. Good thing cause it was an hour and a half wait later. Maiden fans are loyal.

Also the shirts you see at Maiden shows are amazing. Over in England I got to see so many from over in Europe I have never seen before.

Got to do the pre party at Cart & Horses where Maiden started in 1975. Met so many people from all over the world.

The band has so much energy that is why I love them. Saw a few bands since then and they just stand there. UGGG move do something.

So as it was the end of the tour we await for a USA tour announcement later this year. In the tour book it says this was the first chapter, so we can only hope we get chapter two in the states.

If this does come here do not miss this tour – UP THE IRONS

Setlist – Aces High – Where Eagles Dare – 2 Minutes To Midnight – The Clansman – The Trooper – Revelations – For The Greater Good of God – The Wicker Man – Sign of the Cross – Flight of Icarus – Fear of the Dark – The Number of the Beast – Iron Maiden –  The Evil That Men Do – Hallowed Be Thy Name – Run To The Hills

Close up photos from 02 Arena – Full stage shots from Genting Area in Birmingham.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen – RKH Images