Interpol – Palace Theater – St. Paul MN – May 5th 2022

The Current and First Avenue and The Palace Theater presents Interpol

Review and photos by Todd Johnson

Quite awhile ago when U2 was about to embark on their U2360 tour, it was announced that the band Interpol would be the opening act during part of the tour. I had never heard of Interpol at that point, but a friend had described them as a slightly happier Joy Division.  When I finally saw them in concert on that same tour I was pleasantly surprised on how good they were. With the name Interpol, I assumed they were a band based out of Europe but I was totally wrong.

They are from America, but looked very European. The group almost always wears suits making them look more like James Bond than a rock band. When they played at the beautiful Palace Theater in St Paul, it was the first time I saw Interpol in an indoor venue as opposed to a stadium. It was a great venue to see them at, mostly because the lighting was so amazing (and also slightly frustrating cause most of the time it was hard to see their faces.)

While I didn’t know their music well, it is very good and very catchy. They played my favorite song, Evil (which is actually kind of a happy song), within the first 3 songs they played. It is great to see them doing concerts again and hopefully they will come back to the Twin Cities. soon.