Dorothy – Varsity Theater – Minneapolis MN – May 2nd 2022

Live Nation and 93x Present Dorothy with special guests Joyous Wolf and Careless Act.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

Careless Act is an amazing band. I had not heard about them until tonight and wow. These guys are first and amazing band. Next they are they an insane energy ball of music. The stage was pretty small for them but man did they act like it was a headlining gig at Madison Square Garden. The tunes are total LA 80’s metal. They also did a single with Vince Neil. I did find out they are opening the Stadium tour this summer and they will be a perfect fit. They guys are worth checking out. CLASSLESS ACT

Setlist – THis is For You – Give It TO Me – All That We Are – Time to Bleed – Haunting Love – Storm Before The Calm – Civil War GNR – Classless Act


Joyous Wolf are an another amazing band.

All these bands in my opinion are on too small of a stage. They all are soooo good.

The day started with an in store at local record store Down in the Valley. She was gonna do an acoustic set but wanted to rest her voice for the show tonight. Which is fine cause all agreed save it fior the show. It was a great turn out and she could not have been nicer. Signing everything everyone had, and did the selfies herself.

Dorothy headlined tonight and is in support of her latest release Gifts From the Holy Ghost. I was first introduced to Dorothy at Northern Invasion years ago when let’s say she was in a hippyish stage of her career. She has since gone back to a more rock n roll metal style which I like a lot better. Tonight was an incredible show. I was concerned since she did cancel the acoustic performance. That did not matter cause she sounded great. The band was in full tour mode and made them tight. The setlist was all over the board with only 2 songs off her latest. Kind of bummed out on that one. Her guitar player Devon Pangle was on par tonight. This guy is really good. I was really impressed on how easy he made it all seem. The crowd was also way into the show. Now the last time I saw her was at Welcome to Rockville with 40,000 other people. Both shows had the same amount of energy. Which goes to show you a good band can rock either amount of people and that’s exactly what they did.

Setlist – Down to the Bottom – Gun in My Hand – Ain’t Our Time To Die – What’s Coming to Me – Sweet Dreams – Band Jaming for a bit – Rest in Peace – A Beautiful Lie – Medicine Man – Raise Hell – Flawless – Freedom