I Love the 90’s – Target Center – Minneapolis MN – October 22nd 2016

AEG and the Target Center present I Love the 90’s.

I love the 90’s stars Young MC, Coolio, Kid N Play, Rob Base, Salt N Pepa and Vanilla Ice.

Each of the opening bands get a 15-20 minute set starting with Young MC. I missed him but I am sure he played Bust A Move.

Up next was Coolio. He interwind all his hits, Fantastic Voyage, 1 2 3 4, and Gangster Paradise.

Great way to get everyone in the mood and one of the highlights of the evening.

Kid N Play did not do any medley’s┬ábut played all the songs in full. They were celebrating the 25th anniversary of the movie House Party.

They also liked their sponsors Just For Men, Ben Gay and Icy Hot. They still had the great sense of humor.

Rob Base did an intro and mixed in Joe and Pain and It Takes Two.

They all had short sets but did just the hits. The crowd loved it and sang along to all the songs.

Great dancing all over the arena. It was fun to watch everyone reliving their youth.

Salt N Pepa had an hour set and got everyone jumping. Spinderella was the DJ for them this evening.

They were the crowd favorite this evening.

Vanilla Ice came out with more of an attitude then the other acts. He started with Minutes of Power. It took a little while be he did Ninja Rap and that got everyone to warm up a little bit.

By the time Ice Ice Baby closed the show half the arena was missing. They missed a good ending.

Overall the night was a huge party. Dancing, singing, drinking and just a good old school hip-hop show.

Lets hope they do this again.