Clutch – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – October 21st 2016

First Avenue presents Clutch and Zakk Sabbath and Kyng

Was not there in time to see Kyng’s whole set and did catch the last tune.

Have seen them before and I like them.

3 solid albums in the past 5 years.


Yes Zakk Sabbath is exactly what you think it is. Zakk Wylde playing Black Sabbath tunes.

We all know Zakk and do every Ozzy tune so cool to see him and his band mates fire up some Black Sabbath.

Zakk did a great Ozzy on vocals and the performance was spot on with Zakk’s signature squeals throughout the songs.

Zakk did a bunch of playing behind his head, with his teeth and even into the crowd during War Pigs.

Way cool to have him open the show.

Setlist – Children of the Grave – Snowblind – Supernaut – War Pigs – Into the Void – Fairies Wear Boots


Clutch is in support of their latest outing Psychic Warfare. I suggest everyone go out and get this album.

They have been churning records out about every 3 years for the past 24 years. They are the now classic metal act of the early nineties.

They attract the die hard fans, ones that would go to Motorhead, Saxon and other classic straight forward rock n roll.

With a nearly sold out show they pumped out 18 tunes tonight and a bunch from the new album, while not forgetting the past.

Neil Fallon keeps the crowd going the whole night while the rest of the band keeps everything nice and tight.

The band knows what there fans want and they give it to them.

Overheard in the crowd tonight was two older guys talking about hitting the pit. One thing tonight no crowd surfing was in full effect and they kind of looked like their moshing days might be best to put them in the past.

Overall Clutch put on a great show. Can’t wait to see what’s next. More dates in the states at the end of the year.

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Setlist – Immoral – Firebirds! – The House That Peterbilt – A Shotgun Named Marcus – Sucker for the Witch – Escape From the Prison Planet – Decapitation Blues – Burning Beard – Our Lady of Electric Light – You Can’t Stop Progress – La Curandera – Spacegrass – X-Ray Visions – The Face – A Quick Death in Texas – Electric Worry – Passive Restraints – DC Sound Attack