Hatebreed – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – March 21st 2018

The 20 Years of Desire & 15 Years of Perseverance tour on Wednesday March 21st brought out a big crowd. Hatebreed is out on tour celebrating their 20th anniversary of the album “Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire”, and their 15th anniversary of “Perseverance”.

Twitching Tongues kicked off the night with a bang. They describe themselves as “Massacrists of Melody”. This seems to be true on their behalf. With a variety of different styles and metal they are great at starting a hardcore show off right.

Next was The Acacia Strain, whom I’ve seen at Warped Tour in previous years and they always perform with high adrenaline. Their music has been described as a mix of hardcore punk, death metal, and doom metal. In which you would agree with if you have heard their music or have had the pleasure of seeing them live. They are really great to see live and I would highly recommend seeing them if your into hardcore.

The third act, Crowbar, whom have been around for a while, which you can tell in their performance because they have perfected the act of metal. They were great at getting the crowd rowdy and ready for the final act. As gritty as Kirk Windstein’s vocals are, they work precisely for metal music.

The moment everyone in the First Avenue venue was waiting for, Hatebreed to grace the stage. Before their entrance they start off playing “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle or best known as the Cops theme song and red flashing lights. Hatebreed is known for their heavy metal music, as they have even been nominated for a Grammy award. These guys are the best at putting on a high-energy and exhilarating performance. They really got the crowd moving around. Hatebreed has had a long time fan base, in which you can tell they appreciate, as well as asking if new fans were out in the crowd, were grateful that they are still reaching out to new fans and treat them as if they have been around since the beginning. Hatebreed is incredible at performing, if you missed them this time, I wouldn’t next time around.

Review and photos by Kaila Turck