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Buckethead – Cabooze – Minneapolis MN –

A sold out show filled with guitar enthusiasts and Primus fans… Buckethead is literally a living legend, he’s been on hundreds of albums and has played with some of the greatest musicians of all time. It’s very interesting to see how one man with no band and playing with backing tracks can still sell a place out and have such an electrifying crowd! Buckethead is known for his crazy and psychedelic sounds along with incredibly technical fingerpicking styles. The audience was literally in awe watching this guitar master shred. As we all know Buckethead never takes his mask off, he’s probably the most mysterious guitar player of all… Word is he was going to go on tour with Ozzy, Yet when he was interviewed Ozzy asked for him to take the bucket off of his head and he refused so Ozzy never hired him. There are tons of great stories about this guy. Beyond all that, the show was pretty awesome! The crowd was very entertained.  Setlist from Setlist.fm

Review and photos by Richard Fisher