Hairspray – Orpheum Theater – Minneapolis MN – January 10th 2022

Hairspray the musical

Review by Josie Sommers
Opening night of hairspray at the Orpheum theater in Minneapolis Minnesota was an energetic, fufilling and bubbly performance full of beautiful harmonies and dance. The seats were full and the energy in the audience was palpable. Actors Andrew Levitt and Ralph Daniel were hilarious in their roles as Tracys parents. Mery Henderson playing Penny Pingelton had cheeky one liners which the audience thoroughly enjoyed. Ryahn Evers and Addison Garner who play Amber and Velma Von Tussle were fabulous in the antagonist roles and brought so much fun energy to the stage. The lead Niki Metclaf playing Tracy gave an incredibly spirited performance. She made the character loveable and quirky, just like the movie. This cast is comprised of strong and talented voices that fill the auditorium, including a touching moment when actor Melanie Puente Ervin who plays Motormouth Maybelle had the whole audience tearing up after her performance of the song “I Know Where I’ve Been”. The end number was big and beautiful, colorful and fulfilling, as the show follows very closely to the original movie and did a great job doing it justice. As someone who has seen the movie dozens of times and knows the whole soundtrack word for word, I can safely say that I was fully satisfied with this performance. This show is a feel good classic. It’s heartwarming and hilarious, and a must see.