Gunna – The Armory – Minneapolis MN – May 10th 2024

On Friday night in Minneapolis, rapper Gunna’s “Bittersweet” tour made a stop downtown and played to a sold-out Armory, with the crowd full of eager rowdy fans. 

Review and photos by Max Trelstad

After a delay of 45 minutes, with fans waiting anxiously for the night of music to begin, the first and only opener of the night started the show; Flo Milli, a singer and rapper hailing from Alabama, with a dual set of vocal abilities: sometimes using sweet auto-tuned vocals, and on other tracks spitting sharp, witty bars. She confidently strutted back and forth across the runway-style stage, dancing to the beats of her songs, and engaging with the audience members singing her songs. During the first few minutes of her set, she came down from atop the tall stage to engage with her fans at the barricade, reaching out and grabbing their hands, holding fans’ phones, and giving them lasting memories of her performance through videos of her performance. After stepping back on stage, the southern artist continued her set with two dancers, who mirrored her moves and enhanced her performance with face and comedic facial expressions that matched Flo Milli’s sometimes comical verses. She finished off her set with her two most popular songs, “Beef FloMix”, a hit song that blew up on TikTok in 2019, and her most recent viral hit from 2023 “Never Lose Me”.

When it was time for Gunna to begin his headlining performance, all the fans at the front of the crowd anxiously waited for the rapper to walk onstage, but to their surprise he began his set at the back of the venue, standing on a balcony above the entrance to the room. Most of the fans close to the stage couldn’t even see Gunna for the first three songs he sang, and after he began to make his way towards the stage, he stopped on one of the balconies on the side of the floor, and stood on the edge, performing another two songs to all the fans on the floor below him. Once he finally reached the stage, he was lifted into the air on a small platform, and performed the next few songs atop his perch, right behind the massive set piece modeled after his head, that took up a majority of the stage. 

After being lowered back to the stage, Gunna made his way to the center of the stage, and continued his set, which lasted over 2 hours. He performed all of his chart-topping hits, including songs “Drip Too Hard,” “P power,” “fukumean, and “Drip or Drown” all while keeping the energy going with his strong, commanding stage presence.