Greta Van Fleet – Wells Fargo Arena – Des Monies IA – September 21st 2022

Live Nation and Wells Fargo Arena presents Greta Van Fleet with Special Guests Robert Finley and Houndmouth

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

Robert Finley is an American blues singer from Louisiana. He worked as a carpenter until he was declared legally blind and with help released his debut album in 2016. He was an amazing way to open the show. I did not look up anything on him as I wanted to be surprised before I came to the show. He came ups and ripped though a small set but was amazing. He had everyone signing along and dancing. Even got a bunch girls cheering for him when he did some extra moves. It is very cool that the band brought him with to open the show. If you like the blues check him out. ROBERT FINLEY

Hondmouth was second. They are  what aI would call a bluesy jam band. They are from Indiana and are really good musicians and amazing at what they do. They were a little more mellow for my tastes but their harmonies are amazing. I thought it was just two of them singing but they all were. They also kept checking on the crowd as some people had to be pulled over the baricades during their set. Nice to see them taking care of the fans. We were not approved for photos so I was not able to take any of them. So if you like a mellow blues jam band you should give them a listen. HOUNDMOUTH

Then comes Greta. I was turned onto these guys from a friend of mine when their first EP came out. You could tell right away these kids were really talented. Wether you like them or not you can’t deny their talent. They are in support of their sophomore album The Battle At the Garden’s Gate. Battle has more of a mellow jam feel. It is different than the first album but still a fantastic record. This is the second time I have seen them and was looking forward to see what a few more years on the road would bring the band. They are even better than the first time. Now if you are like me you snoop the setlist before the show. Don’t worry the 12 songs they play last 2 hours. Each song is played with a a little extra so it give the live feel an intense feel. I love when bands give it more during a live show. These guys are just incredible to watch. His vocals are insane – the guitar playing is off the charts and the rhythm section just keep it going all night. When I first read about them I learned they played and played and played for years since a young age. It shows now and they are all still in their early twenties. Just unreal.

The stage very cool tonight. Two light panels on each side of the back of the stage, looks like something Queen would do. Big caldrons which spew fire and along with the towers in back and then some cool  posts in back with round round lights on them. Kind of futuristic kind of classic. Most of it was also white which you do not see a lot. The light show was great but had to turn away from it a few times cause the strobes were just a tad bit too much. Over all it was a great stage.

The crowd did not let the band down either. Several people had to be pulled out of the crowd and just like Houndmouth the band kept checking with security that each one was ok. They give off such positive energy and promote love and kindness it was nice to see and amazing rock n roll band after a three hour drive down. Then I had to drive back home. All worth it in the world of rock n roll.