Gary Numan – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN – May 8th 2023

Review and photos by Sophie Owen

Gary Numan – First Avenue

If you had told me a year ago that I would not only be able to see Gary Numan perform but also get to cover him, let alone twice, I would not have believed you. Currently on tour with Ministry, Gary Numan took the opportunity to give Minneapolis a headline show. Front Line Assembly, also touring with Ministry, accompanied him. It was a night of hearty, industrial synthwave that I so desperately needed.

I was not familiar with Front Line Assembly before this show, but the second they started I was into it. Their set was heavy on the electronics and industrial sounds, a real sonic treat. They had an awesome aesthetic and presence that had me hooked.

I could rant and rave about Gary Numan because his music means so much to me, but I’ll just say that he performed yet again. The last time I saw him it was impeccable, and he proved again why he’s a synthwave juggernaut. The entire place was vibing, and the more industrial tones applied to his older songs made sure the setlist blended perfectly. I’m always curious how someone with such a catalogue picks what songs to put on his setlist, but he always delivers a good mix of old and new. The whole night was a joyous celebration of all things electronic and industrial. I will never miss a Gary Numan show if I can help it.