Dark Tranquility – The Fine Line – Minneapolis MN – February 8th 2022

93xThe Pit and First Avenue present Dark Tranquility with special guests Kataklysm and Nailed to Obscurity

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

I would like to thank my buddy Terry for keeping me up until 3am the night before. So for tonight I have to suck it up and go bang my head. This review is coming from someone who wa snot very familiar with each band but love to see live music.

First up was Germany’s Nailed to Obscurity. They are a melodic death metal band which made it a great opener. The crowd loved these guys. Banging their heads and finally enjoying some live metal music. I enjoyed them quite immensely. I am not a huge death metal guy guy I was grooving on what they were doing. Raimund’s vocals were not all demon like through out the songs. He had great range and it shows live. The dueling guitars sounded great. They have been around since 2005 and have a great following online. Click HERE for everything on the band.

Kataklysm was second on the bill. Now if Nailed had them going, I was not prepared for what Kataklysm would do to the crowd. The guys had the mosh put going from start top finish. Where have I been. These guys have been around since 1991 and have 13 albums out. I should have been on this a long time ago. As soon as the band started I was into them. Super fast, thrashy and real catchy riffs. I can see the influence from all the classic thrash metal band. It was an intense 10 song set. I really dug The Killshot and Take the World by Storm. They thanked us many times for coming out to the show and reminded us this is special cause live music is not every where right now. And I agree, go out and support who ever you can in your town. If these guys are by you go see them. Love these guys. Click HERE for everything Kataklsym.

Dark Tranquilty is a melodic death metal band from Gothenburg Sweden that formed in 1989. Their debut album came out in 1993. This band should be a lot bigger in the states. Saying that is ok cause in the states us metal heads get intimate shows with them. Tonight they gave us am 18 song set with 4 songs from their latest release Moment. Moment came out in November 2020 and I am sure the band has been just itching to get on the road and play some of it live for us. The rest of the set expended their whole career with Fiction being the other album we got 4 songs from. There was a line up change in 2020 as Niklas Sundin made his departure form the band. He was on hiatus since 2016 so tour guitarists Christopher Amott and Johan Reinholdz became full time members of the band. Being up front for the band was amazing. I love watching these musicians up close, they make guitar playing look so easy. I see them as more of a prog death metal band. They have a very unique sound I have not seen in anybody else. For all things Dark Tranquility click their name.

Over all it was a great night for European and Canadian metal, or just metal in itself. If this tour is around you go see it.