Tommy Sommers Photography

Bad Suns – The Fillmore – Minneapolis MN – February 10th 2022

Live Nation and Fillmore Minneapolis present Bad Suns with special guests Little Image and Kid Bloom.

Review and photos by Tommy Sommers

Little Image are an indie rock band from Dallas Texas and are the show openers. They met over instagram and started playing music together. Strange how to think just a few years back this would be impossible. They are a tight 3 piece that uses a lot of synthesizers in their songs. it actually reminds me of some of the music from the 1980’s. The received a great reaction from the crowd and were a great opener for this tour.

Next up was Kid Bloom from Los Angeles. This was their first time in Minneapolis and the crowd loved them. They are a four piece with lots of energy and a great sound. They are different and I really enjoyed them. It’s hard to peg what they sound like but again seems to fit on this tour. I think they have a shot of getting a big following if the keep working hard.

Headliner, Bad Suns came out to a huge round of applause. They hail from Woodland Hills CA and they were formed in 2012. I guess easiest way to describe all three of these bands including Bad Suns is indie rock. In a world full of pop stars and rap music, from my perspective it’s fresh to see people showing up to see bands like this. Bad Suns are no exception to the rule, they have catchy pop songs. They are currently touring for their latest album Apocalypse whenever which was released on January 28th of this year.

They opened up with “Preachy” and move through a 20 song set that included the first song off the new record “Apocalypse whenever”, “Transpose”, “Off She Goes”, “Violet”, “Swimming in the Moonlight”, and ending the night with “Daft Pretty Boys”. Overall it was a great set list that included songs from every release.