Bullet For My Valentine – Fillmore – Minneapolis MN – October 23rd 2023

Bullet For My Valentine with Of Mice and Men and Vended Fillmore Minneapolis – October 24th, 2023

Metal heavy hitters Bullet for My Valentine were joined by Of Mice and Men and quickly rising stars Vended for a night of aggressive and energetic rock at the Fillmore Minneapolis on October 24th, 2023.

Starting off the night, Iowa based Vended absolutely ripped the show open, with power, aggression and emotion backing the raw talent of the young but extremely accomplished band.  Fronted by Griffin Taylor, son of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, and backed on drums by Simon Crahan, son of Slipknot’s Shawn “Clown” Crahan, they brought an intense energy and commanding stage presence to start off the show.  They are clearly blazing their way with their own style and with great music and performance that showed their ability to be well on their way to headlining their own tours.

Of Mice and Men followed next, bringing years of performance and a packed setlist to the excited crowd.  They opened with “Bones Exposed” and then “Would You Still Be There” off of their 2014 album “Restoring Force”, and then took the crowd on a journey through their musical career, jumping to “Castaway” and later “Into the Sun” and “Warpaint”off their recent 2023 release “Tether” and closing with crowd favorite “Second and Sebring” off their 2010 self-titled album.  They still deliver an amazingly powerful and commanding show.

Finally, Welsh rockers Bullet for My Valentine culminated the show, delivering a flawless performance mixed with heavy riffs, aggressive drumming, and tons of deep screams.  Vocalist Matthew Tuck is one of those crowd commanding performers, whose energy reaches out to the crowd and then feeds back off the energy he creates.  Opening with “Knives” off their 2021 self-titled album, his power was instantly felt throughout the room and backed by the intense drumming of Jason Bowld and thundering bass of Jamie Mathias.  One of the hallmarks of Bullet For My Valentine’s style is the intricate guitar riffs of lead guitarist Michael Paget, and he delivered these powerfully and flawlessly. They also packed a setlist with hits spanning their career, including all the way back to “Your Betrayal” off their 2010 album “Fever” and crowd-favorite “All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me” from 2005 album “Poison”.  It was a great night of rock from all 3 bands that had the packed Fillmore crowd screaming, crowd surfing, and moshing a night that was unforgettable.