Behemoth – Cabooze – Minneapolis MN – November 10th 2018

RJF Photography Copyright.

Behemoth brings their dark mass to the Cabooze in Minneapolis, Minnesota once again!

I’ll start off by saying these guys never get old, going to a Behemoth show is like watching your worst nightmares unfold right in front of you. These guys are flat out scary!

As always they usually sell out just about every venue, so it was jampacked in there almost like being stuffed into a cattle cart.

These guys have a new album out which is absolutely phenomenal! They played plenty of tracks from their new album and tons of classics of course.

To be honest a lot of metal shows somewhat lack in sound, yet these guys sounded immaculate the volume was absolutely perfect and I could hear every single intricate detail.

The energy was incredibly intense, yet there wasn’t as much moshing as usual. Maybe that’s because it was overly packed in there and there wasn’t much room. Yet the crowed reactions were insane!

Whether you’re a metal fan or not, Behemoth is worth every second of watching and listening. They seem to play flawless every single time!

Set list

Wolves ov Siberia – Daimonos – Ora pro nobis Lucifer – Bartzabel – Ov fire and the void – God = Dog – Conquer all – Ecclesia diabolicala catholica – Decade of therion – Blow your trumpets Gabriel

Slaves shall serve – Chant for eschaton 2000 – Lucifer  – We are the next 1000 years.

Review and photos by Richard Fisher