A Perfect Circle – The Armory – Minneapolis MN – November 11th 2018

RJF Photography Copyright.

A Perfect Circle plays a perfect show at the Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

This was a no cell phone policy show! If anyone were to have their cell phone out they could have been ejected from the show. There were crew workers watching the crowd with binoculars, so if you decide to go and see A Perfect Circle, it would be wise for you to not take your cell phone out.

Right off the bat the show set the mood…. What a great experience going to a show without having a bunch of people sitting on their cell phones! This really brought an authentic overall feel to the show.

This band is definitely known for their dark and ambient lighting, most of the show was back lit, creating very artistic silhouettes.

They open the show with some of their newest music, which was a very calming and relaxing song. As time progresses they start playing some all time fan favorites.

The whole progression of the show was almost put on like a movie that was building characterization. The sound was amazing! Visuals were amazing and they were flawless.

Set list – Eat the elephant – Disillusioned  – The hollow – Weak and powerless – So long, and thanks for all the fish – Rose – Thomas

What’s so funny about peace,love and understanding – Vanishing  – The noose – 3 libras  – The contrarian  – Talk Talk – Hourglass – The doomed – Counting body’s like sheep – Judith – The Package


Review and photos by Richard Fisher